A pathway to a healthier you

Our program explained

We launched in 2024. We are a free counselling and case management service available to nurses, midwives, and students Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AEST.

We are an independent health and wellbeing service designed, led and provided by nurses and midwives. The program is modelled on the successful Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV). We know each state and territory have specific needs so we have tailored our services. 

Learn what the program does 

We provide compassionate and best practice services to nurses, midwives, and students with a broad range of sensitive health and wellbeing needs.  Our clinical services explained


  • provide confidential counselling for any health concern
  • support you to set goals and develop a health plan
  • offer resources and referral pathways as indicated
  • respect your autonomy and assist you to make decisions. 

Discover our history 

Concerned about the health of nurses and midwives the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) lobbied the Albanese Federal Government to establish a service to support our health. This resulted in a grant from the Australian Government, Department of Health and Aged Care to establish our program.

Get to know us 

Our team is led by nurses, and is passionate about supporting your health and wellbeing. Our Director Heather Pickard RN has extensive experience supporting people with sensitive health needs. Our Deputy Director Mark Aitken RN is a passionate advocate for the health of nurses, midwives and students. 

Support and health services for nurses and midwives 

We collaborate with the other services that are available to support your health. Your workplace Employee Assistance Program – provided free by your employer. Nurse & Midwife Support is national, 24/7 and provides single session brief intervention counselling with referral pathways. If you are not sure what service will suit you, talk to us. 

We can help

Find out what our service can do for you, your peers, or your workplace.

“I contacted NMHPA and the nurse was great. They assisted me to work out what was really bugging me and why I didn’t feel OK. I did 5 sessions, took some time off work, booked a holiday, re connected with my GP and learned to put myself first. Get in touch if you need support-you won’t regret it.”