A pathway to a healthier you

Tips from you for 2024 – competition winners

We asked you to tell us what you think are the best health tips for nurses, midwives and our students in 2024. Here are the winning entries:

Chronic health – ask for help

As a nursing student in my final year of bachelor studies, as well as being a mental health enrolled nurse and a RUSON, my favourite health tip is knowing where and who to reach out for resources. Being diagnosed breast cancer recently I have had to reach out to all resources from counselling, my NUM, EAP, clinical nurse educators and especially my peers for support. It has allowed me to focus on my health and advocate for myself. 

Student nurse Annie, 

Leave work at the end of a shift

Leave the work at work when you sign out. Once you are out, your focus should be yourself and your family. Don’t hesitate to use your leave. Rest and relax. 

Cut down on coffees and make water your best friend. Try to take home cooked meals and reduce on takeaways. Your colleagues are not your friends. 

At the end, ask yourself “ can I do something about it?”. If the answer is no then stop bothering about it. Look after yourself well as you can never pour from an empty cup. 

Nurse Srijana

Take a breath

Add moments of pause, breath and reset intentionally to your daily routine. This habit has assisted me to change my previous habit of rushing around all shift, which made me wired at the end of the shift.

To reset try:
PAUSE, take 5 slow intentional deep breaths and remind yourself of 2 things I’m grateful for. I do these 5 times a shift-it really helps me to reset.

Midwife Frankie