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Take time to complete a mental health check for Men’s Health Week 2024

This Men’s Health Week at Nurse Midwife Health Program Australia we’re acknowledging the men in our professions and recognising the importance of their health.

International Men’s Health Week runs from June 10-16 around the world and focuses on not just physical health, but also men's mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Statistics show men make up just 11.75% of the registered nursing workforce in Australia and 1.3% of midwives. 

Nurse Midwife HPA recognises the invaluable contribution of males in our professions and understands the value of a workforce that reflects the community it cares for. 

“At NMHPA, we understand the issues of entering and staying in a historically female-dominated profession,” said Deputy Director and RN Mark Aitken, who graduated as the only male RN in his group of 70.

Look after your health too

“There is less stigma around nursing being a profession for women than there was 40 years ago when I started training, but there are still unique issues for men working in the professions. It’s important for men to look after their own health needs while caring for others.

“This week I encourage men working in nursing and midwifery to reflect on their health and wellbeing and if they identify they need support please reach out to NMHPA.” said Mr Aitken.

Male registered nurses share their stories:

This year for Men’s Health Week, a new campaign from Healthy Male and Western Sydney University is championing ‘Good Health Heroes’. They have designed a 45-second health test for men. Track your health – take the men’s health hero test

Check – is your service ‘male friendly’

If you run a service and want to improve how you engage with men, take a short questionnaire to audit how male-friendly your service is. The Australian Men’s Health Forum has developed a 10-step guide to developing male-friendly health services. The printable resource is available in a poster format.

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Statistics source: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. 2017. Registrant Data Reporting period: 1 April 2017-30 June