A pathway to a healthier you

Make a referral

Making a referral for a nurse, midwife or student with a sensitive health issue can be daunting.

If you are family or a friend, manager, peer or team mate, GP or other health professional and you are concerned about a nurse, midwife or student, we can help.

Get in touch – anyone can refer to us

Contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm by phone 1800 001 060 and speak to our intake coordinator. They will be happy to answer your questions and make the referral easy for you.

Or email us at info@nursemidwifehpa.org.au and provide details of the referral on behalf of the nurse/midwife/student with a sensitive health issue. Please provide their contact details.

Understand our services

We are a peer support and specialist counselling service for nurses, midwives and our students. We help nurses, midwives and our students to understand their health or wellbeing issue. And to work with them to plot a path to better health. 

Our Australia-wide service has been designed by nurses, midwives, and our students. It is delivered by nurses and midwives. The service is confidential and free.

Helping nurses, midwives and students with their health

We are here to help with the big challenges to nurses and midwives’ health and wellbeing. Some of the sensitive health issues we support nurses and midwives with include:

  • Burn out
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Mental illness
  • Addiction
  • Occupational violence
  • The emotional impact of a notification to the regulator
  • Family violence
  • Concerns about unhealthy alcohol and or drug use
  • Gambling

Other health symptoms may be harder to recognise. If your find person of concern is feeling despondent, overwhelmed, anxious, rudderless, cranky, volatile, and reactive, we can help.

I’m a human resources manager, a nurse came to see me concerned about bullying, she was emotionally distraught. I supported her with the process around managing bullying and was grateful I could refer her to the Nurse and Midwife Health Program Australia for emotional support.